the excellence
is made of details

to tell

Rediscover the origins, enhance the territory, represent the product in its true essence: it is our San Marzano tomato, known all over the world as one of the great Italian excellences. The man who returns to work the land with the need to recover the original seed from which the famous legend of the tomato shaped like a light bulb, from tip to lace and its overbearing crown.

Rediscover the flavors of the past and bring them back to life through the red gold from Campania, which is presented in an elongated shape, a red color typical of the variety and a reduced quantity of seeds. The main feature is its very fragile consistency and during the full ripening phase the very thin skin that wraps it is simply removed with the hands. A delicate and light taste, a typically sweet and sour taste, high quality and easy to digest..


The secret of our tomatoes derives from the volcanic shape of the soil in which the seeds are planted, a fund that has kept a vast layer of lapilli and pozzolana four meters deep, thus releasing a large concentration of natural salts. In particular, in San Marzano sul Sarno the earth maintains the right degree of humidity thanks to the groundwater in the area at a height of no less than two meters. It is the result of a unique and non-reproducible landscape and ecosystem.


Our supply chain starts with a careful selection of the seed, to then arrive at one of the most ancient cultivation practices: the so-called "vrasscal", that is a simple laying of seeds on a ground. Just the earth is the protagonist and creator of the birth of the plant, which is subsequently cultivated with natural agents such as lime and water. The product transformation phase is also carried out by strictly hand-handling.

the weight
of the soul

The goal of the brand is to re-elaborate the philosophy of healthy eating. Choosing 80 grams means respecting the environment, but above all oneself and the territory it represents. This is how tomatoes acquire that special flavor, able to satisfy the most demanding palates through a contemporary taste, increasingly oriented towards the pursuit of excellence, thus bringing to the tables a high quality product that guarantees a unique taste for every dish. Originally the weight of a tomato was presumably around 80 grams: it is the weight of its soul, outside of any contamination that can alter even the smallest of its characteristics. A story to tell, a product to pass on...