And still..

But 80 grams is not just this: it develops its essence through the evolution of its being. A continuous movement in which the derivatives are born from the tomato, because the certainty and authenticity of the tomato flavors are first and foremost the result of research in the field of cultivation

The flavors of the past

Entering a mature field is a unique experience, aromas that rise from the earth: scents of freshly mown grass and smells that this tomato releases immediately. Aromas that are felt later in a more evident way in the finished product. It is this perfect and exclusive habitat that makes our tomatoes unique

kept in glass

A good
to protect

Every little detail is taken care of according to the traditions of the past and free from any kind of acids or preservatives. A form that contains its essence, the substance is the result of natural processes that protect its integrity. Our tomato, enclosed in a glass envelope, shows the real nature of what is present inside: a unique tomato, which does not break during the processing cycle and remains intact in its container.